7 Major Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you’re scoping out an investment or looking into becoming a homeowner for the first time, applying for a mortgage can be a complicated process. Knowing what pitfalls could lay ahead will help you make better decisions. Let’s review some of the most common mortgage mistakes so you can avoid making them.

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Trade war with China Impacts California Real Estate

In 2018 the U.S. Administration instituted tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. While new single-family homes do not use much of these materials in their construction, condominiums and apartment buildings rely on them. This cost is expected to be passed on to the renters and homebuyers. California, in particular, can expect to see the impact of these tariffs in rising home prices.

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Your Personal Trigram

Your Personal Trigram Your Personal Trigram is calculated using your date of birth and gender to determine the elements, colors, directions, etc. that best support you. Knowing this, we can arrange your home in a manner that optimizes support for each member of your...

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What are Flying Stars?

What are Flying Stars? Similar to human astrology, where we use a person’s date, time and location of birth to calculate their destiny in life, in Classical or Traditional Feng Shui we use similar information to determine the destiny of a building, so to speak. In...

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